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Member Benefits*

For your Home:

  • Professional Emergency Locksmith Service
  • Emergency Medical Expense Benefit
  • Ambulance and Paramedic Expense Benefit
  • Child's Accident Benefit
  • $500 Homeowner's, Renter's or Personal Property Insurance Policy Deductible Benefit
  • Complete video Guide to Home Security
  • Self-Defense Benefit
  • Crime Prevention Kit
  • $5,000 Burglary Rewards
  • $5,000 Child Protection Benefit
  • Home Safe Home
  • Child ID Kit
  • A World of Home Security
  • Radon Gas Test Kit
  • Extended Warranty Benefit

For your Car:

  • Emergency Towing and Road Service
  • Professional Emergency Locksmith Service
  • $500 Emergency Living Expense Benefit
  • $5,000 Auto Theft Reward
  • Emergency Medical Expense Benefit
  • Ambulance and Paramedic Expense Benefit
  • A World of Auto Security
  • $500 Stolen Car Expense Benefit
  • Emergency Expense Benefit
  • $500 Emergency Transportation and Car Rental Expense Benefit
  • Personalized Trip Routing Service
  • Official Motor Club Emblem

For your Legal Needs:

  • LAWPHONE® Legal Access Benefit
  • $2,000 Uninsured Motorist Protection
  • $2,000 Legal Defense Benefit
  • $5,000 Bail Bond Benefit

For your Health:

  • American Red Cross "Life-Saving Protection" Benefit
  • Emergency Medical ID Card
  • Family Medical History Document
  • Prescription Drug Discounts
  • Vision Care Discounts

Additional Benefits:

  • Professional Travel Service and Discounts
  • Registered Key Tags
  • Emergency Cash Wiring Fee Reimbursement
  • $50 Credit Card Security

*This list is intended solely to provide a general description of the benefits for the Home & Auto Security Plan. It is not a substitute for the full details of the benefits, exclusions and limitations found in the Service Contract & Membership materials. Contact a Member Services Representative for information regarding plan availability in your state.

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